Trump claims 99% of US Covid-19 cases are ‘totally harmless’ as infections surge

Donald Trump has been celebrating Independence Day with a series of misleading and unfounded statements that threaten to eradicate the coronavirus pandemic and that China is “responsible.”

On the south lawn of the White House the US president performed “Salute to America” with military jettas, parachute jumps and patriotic songs, but a little attempt to distinguish or wear face masks among visitors. The US president

When Trump held this first gathering on the 4th of July with tanks and other military equipment at Lincoln Memorial a year ago, the nation underwent incredible changes. The coronavirus infected 2,8 million US people and killed nearly 130,000 of the world’s worst tallies.

The national celebration of Saturday was unavoidably more subdued, but the president declined to let the pandemic or dreary poll figures rain at his parade, waving from a white House balcony, with his wife, Melania, to the South lawn with cheers and crying out: “Four more years!

The president said, “We were struck by the China virus, leading someone in the crowd to give a peculiar whoop and applause. “We have accomplished a lot. Our method is well advanced. In one place it goes down, in another place it brings its ugly face in. We learned a lot, however. We have discovered how the flame can be put out.

The number of infections is now 50,000 a day, higher than in April, when the US became contaminated. This week Dr Anthony Fauci, the country’s leading expert in infectious disease warned: ‘I don’t think that’s pretty obvious.”

Trump came back to his old common and baseless argument that America has a large number of exams. “Now nearly 40 m people have been checked. It shows that 99% of cases are absolutely harmless. Results which no other country can give, not in terms of numbers and consistency, because no other country has the tests we have.

The President’s “99%” innocuous number was not explicit. This was not obvious.

He also revisited his criticism of the coronavirus source. “The secrecy, humiliation and cover-up of China allowed it to spread across the globe. One hundred 89 countries and China should be accountable in their entirety.

Guests received cheers, but the White House has not yet clarified what action it is taking against Beijing, with which it recently signed an significant trade agreement.

And the President gave a highly optimistic forecast that contradicts Fauci and other public-health experts: “It is possible that we will have a treatment and/or vaccine solution well before the end of the year.”

But Trump’s remarks have been part of the lion’s share of a speech at Mount Rushmore on Friday evening, which is breaking from the pattern of 4 July in order to promote a war on the community and add salt into the racial wounds in America rather than a message unifying it.

“Now we’re beating the radical left, the marxists, the communists, the agitators, the looters and other others who have no idea what they are doing,” he said.

“We will never let an angry mob smash our monuments, delete our past, indoctrinate our children or pitch our liberty. Our children should be taught to cherish and love our country, so that they can create their future. We’ll fight together for the vision of the Americans.

Trump said, “With the discovery of the USA by Columbus,” our way of life began in 1492. During the course of several weeks of outrage against racial discrimination following the police murder of George Floyd, an African American man during Minneapolis, Christopher Columbus’ monuments and those of Confederate officers were overthrown.

Some claimed that the nation did really begin in 1619 with the first enslaved Africans in Virginia, instead of America’s common birthday in 1776.

Yet Trump continued: “There have always been people at all times who lie about the past, to gain control in the present … Their purpose is to destroy them. Our aim is not to destroy what we have built, the United States of America, the largest structure in the world.

Trump promuted a management order that on Friday he provided for the establishment of a national heroic garden and condemn the media for dishonoring the country’s brightest, misleading and scorning. “We ‘re not going to throw our heroes away,” he said. We’ll honor them and we’ll make their sacrifice worthy … Our nation was not founded by patriots as villains. It was heroes.

After his address, Trump and the first lady saw a stunning demonstration of fighter jets from World War II involved in US military conflicts.

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